Psychology and Communication kept me thinking!

In school, we took this module called Psychology and Communication. People say that its kind of boring and its a waste of time. However, when come to think of it, it kept me thinking alot. On how we behave and how all this kind of things affects our communication. I actually tried doing the lift thingy where by when the lift was packed with people and i was the last few to get in. I actualy faced the whole group of people in the lift. As i was scanning through the whole situation, i notice that most of them are looking to the floor and some are looking at the number. Some even took out their phone and start to fiddle with it. Its kind of funny and it kept me thinking why human behaves in such a funny way. I would recommend people to try it and see it for yourself.


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I’m sorry

Have you tried being happy but you end up sad? I know that this sounds gay but hey! guys do have feelings too ok? I learned from my ex that guys have the most ego of all and they mature slower than girls. That’s BULLSHIT! Yesterday, someone text me, and she told me that she’s sorry about her wrong doings in the past. Well, all i can say was that i forgive her for all she had done to me. The thing that put me to silent and kept me thinking and also making me so emo is that she asked whether she could be accepted back in my life. Patch up in that sense. I’m not seeing anyone currently and she also ditched me 3 times. Should i accept her back this time? I think i’ve made up my mind, and i think that it’s better for us to our separate ways. I’m already happy with what i am and what i have now. I’m just afraid to hurt and to be hurt at the same time.Everytime she ditched and she asked for her forgiveness, i open my arm willingly to accept her back and i’m sick of that. I’m so sorry and i hope that whatever im doing now is right.

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Murphy strikes at esplanade performance…

Have you heard of the term called Murphy’s law? Trust me, its not a terrorist that bombs you but its a terrorist they will try to destroy you in a safe manner. wth…Well maybe to some of you, its your first time listening to this crap. I simply believe in it, especially when you are a performer or giving a presentation. Let me share with you more about Murphy’s law. It is something that you cannot control but you are mentally prepared for it to happen. Let me restate it, something can go wrong when you expected it the least. Get what i mean? Let me share with you what happen to my band performing at esplanade yesterday. We did our best to prepare for it. During soundcheck at 4pm, we checked everything so that nothing could possibly go wrong. However, on that particular day. Our vocalist had sore throat. A really bad one. I was playing the drum set when suddenly, the pedal just snap but i continued playing until the backstage crew fixed it back. My guitarist’s guitar string snaps in the middle of a song. However, we still enjoyed our sets because the crowd was supportive and they understand our situation. They even stayed through the whole performance and we gave them the best that we could eventhough Murphy almost took us apart.

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can there be peace in this world?

In the current situation, on the news we usually hears that there is terrorism, riots  and anything that leads to violent as their final resort. Have you ever wondered why all this unwanted events took place? Why did all this happens and the saddest part is it involves so many innocent people. We can barely count it with our own fingers and even if ten person join hands and use their fingers to count, it can never be enough. We know that everybody have their own stand because different people have different perspective.  I’m happy that I’m a Singaporean and I’m glad to be born here. The security here is tight but they have been cases whereby the safety of Singaporeans are being put at risk. However our government took actions and tried their best to deal with it. Today, I’ve just watched a movie titled V for Vendetta.  It’s a movie about freedom, justice and doing whats right for the country.  The thing that is interesting in the movie is that terrorism happens for a good reason and its not always the government who is right  but instead, in this case, V who played as the main character is the terrorist and sort of a good terrorist. He tried to help his country for the better and he even risk his life to it. In this world, there will always be hatred and revenge, and people always think with their heart and not their brains. Hence, many people would be affected by their absurd behavior. So can there be peace in this world?? Its for you and me to think about. ~ cheerioz!

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Please and Thank you are the magic words…

Do you know that there are such word as ‘Please’ And ‘Thank You’? It’s damn annoying when people don’t know how to appreciate these words. Let me share with an experience that happens to me on my secondary school speech day which was today ( 18/4/2008) . Speech Day is the day whereby all the students who did well in their exams will receive an award on stage. It is a way to show the student that their efforts are recognize by the school. After the prize giving, its performance time! My CCA which Juying Symphonic Band was the first to perform. While they were setting up the instruments and arranging the chairs, i was interviewed by the MCs on stage asking me about the experience that i had when i was in Band. At first, before i step on the stage, they told me that they will be asking me two questions. However, they made me look like an fool when i got up the stage. Reason? It’s because they only asked me one question and i waited for the next question on the stage and they were like using eye signal to me just to make me get off the stage. People laughed at me and i felt so demoralized even before the performance starts. Argh!!  I performed feeling so upset about the moment and it is still stuck in my head now.  I’m angry with the MCs because they do not have the basic courtesy to just use the word thank you instead of using signals and body language.  We are being taught all this stuff the moment we entered school right?  So, we should keep practicing basic courtesy all the time.  Hence, I would strongly encourage people to keep practicing basic manners as i would make this world into a better place.


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